Race to 2030

Getting involved in the defeating meningitis by 2030 global road map

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has launched a global road map to defeat meningitis by 2030. People affected by the disease are key participants in this worldwide mission.  

We have created Race to 2030 to help you engage with the Road Map and be part of global efforts to defeat the disease. On this page, you will find useful information, important updates, and downloadable resources. 

Visionary goals of the road map

Organisations, patient groups, and individuals around the world have already played an essential role in the race to 2030. For example, supporting the Road Map’s launch, contributing to country-level activities, and delivering World Meningitis Day each year. 2030 is within our sights, and you can help us get over the finish line. 

Together, let’s defeat meningitis – for everyone.

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“Every single person who wants this to happen needs to stand up and help.” Vinny Smith, CEO

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Vinny Smith - CEO Meningitis Research FoundationOur CEO, Vinny Smith, shares why engaging with the Global Road Map is so important:  

Why is it important to involve patients and people affected by meningitis in efforts to defeat the disease?  

"Because it’s only the people who have been directly impacted by this disease who know the full story of how it changes lives, relationships, and communities forever. They are the experts in what living through this experience means. We must listen to them because they hold everyone to account for what must change so no one has to go through what they have in future."

How can people affected by meningitis get involved and help to achieve the Road Map goals?  

"Defeating meningitis is a very personal thing. Anyone, anywhere can take action in support of the Road Map through small actions. For example, by sharing awareness on social media or hosting specific events, perhaps to coincide with World Meningitis Day on 5 October. If you have had meningitis, you are already defeating it in your own way – sharing your story could provide support and inspiration in ways you’d never imagine. It could really change lives."

What is the Race to 2030 and why does it matter?  

"Race to 2030 is about making sure people affected by meningitis are at the heart of efforts to defeat the disease. This includes developing advocacy resources, supporting opportunities to get involved in national plans for meningitis and coordinating efforts with partners and wider civil society. Because it is only by being united that we will defeat meningitis."

Can we win the race to 2030? 

"Yes, but it’s going to take the involvement of everyone who cares about this issue to make it happen. It won’t just happen if we hope it will. That means everyone working together from the World Health Organization through to groups willing to advocate for change. Every single person who wants this to happen needs to stand up and help."

Where to get started 

There are lots of ways to support the global Road Map and join the race to 2030. Here are a few suggestions on where to get started:
Learn more about the World Health Organisation’s global action plan, and what countries have committed to achieve by 2030.
On October 5th, join the global movement to raise meningitis awareness and call for action to defeat the disease.
Be inspired by the work of organisations and individuals from around the world, including examples of meningitis campaigning, advocacy, and awareness raising.

Other helpful tools and resources

Resources that you can use on social media to raise awareness of meningitis, the importance of prevention, and the ways in which meningitis vaccines have already changed the world.
Guidance on how to capture and draw from personal testimony in your advocacy and campaigning.
Looking to take your advocacy to the next level? This online training helps you to map out the resources, activities, and milestones needed to create change.

Working with Others: 

Countries around the world have committed to the vision of the WHO defeating meningitis by 2030 global road map. MRF and CoMO are working with partners and people affected by meningitis to help make that vision a reality.

Find out how Meningitis Research Foundation and UNICEF are working together in support of the World Health Organization's Defeating Meningitis by 2030 Global Road Map.

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