Global Meningococcal Initiative

A worldwide expert group raising awareness and helping prevent invasive meningococcal disease

The Global Meningococcal Initiative (GMI) and Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF) are in partnership to promote and share world class research into best practice about prevention, diagnosis and treatment of meningococcal disease around the world.

Meningococcal bacteria are the main cause of life-threatening meningitis and septicaemia throughout the world.

A new worldwide expert group to raise awareness and help prevent invasive meningococcal disease

"This partnership can be instrumental in helping to share and build a better understanding of the global picture of this dreadful disease. I look forward to seeing researchers and health professionals around the world accessing and using the information to help them in their work." - Professor Ray Borrow, GMI Steering Group Member.

GMI's international meetings, publications, posters and recommendations

1. Meningococcal disease surveillance in the Asia Pacific Region - 2020
2. Updates from the Global Meningococcal Initiative in Eastern Europe - 2019
3. Meningococcal disease and control in China - 2018
4. Prevention of meningococcal disease worldwide: epidemiology, surveillance, hypervirulent strains, antibiotic resistance and high-risk populations - 2018
5. Meningococcal disease in the Middle East and Africa - 2017
6. Global epidemiology, the impact of vaccines on meningococcal disease and the importance of herd protection - 2016
7. Guidelines for diagnosis and confirmation of invasive meningococcal disease - 2016
8. Meningococcal disease in the Asia-Pacific region - 2016
9. The current situation of meningococcal disease in Latin America and updated Global Meningococcal Initiative (GMI) recommendations - 2015
10. Evolving meningococcal immunization strategies - 2015
11. The current situation of meningococcal disease in Latin America and recommendations for a new case definition - 2014
12. An overview of meningococcal disease in India Knowledge gaps and potential solutions - 2013
13. Epidemiology and Recommendations for Control and Prevention of Meningococcal Disease in Latin America - 2013
14. Report from the Second Summit Meeting, Cape Town, South Africa - 2013
15. Efforts to prevent and control meningococcal disease in India - 2012
16. Recommendations for reducing the global burden of MD - 2011

"MRF is delighted to partner with GMI on this important initiative. We want to ensure that GMI's body of research reaches the communities and people who can use and apply the findings to directly help patients and their families as soon as possible." - Vinny Smith, MRF Chief Executive, GMI Steering Group Member.

A global vision for meningitis by 2030 and an action plan to get there.
Key data and meningitis estimates
Meningitis affects 5 million people globally every year
Our Director of Communications explores the risk of climate change in relation to meningitis.
Give researchers the clues to help defeat meningitis
Give researchers the clues to help defeat meningitis
£160/€190/$214 decodes the genetic information in a sample of meningococcal bacteria. This information helps us to track new forms of meningitis and campaign to introduce new vaccines.
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