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Since the charity was founded in 1989, we have awarded 161 research grants. The total value of our investment in vital scientific research is over £19.1 million (€24.7 million).

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Global Meningitis Genome Library
  • University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
  • Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment
Establishing a Global Meningitis Genome Library to better track meningitis bacteria.
Improving survival in HIV-infected adults at risk of cryptococcal meningitis
  • St George's University of London, London, UK, National Institution for Communicable Diseases, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • England
  • Diagnosis and treatment

Investigating the causes of severe illness and death in HIV-infected cryptococcal positive patients

Using new genomic techniques to identify the causes of meningitis in UK children
  • University of Oxford, UK, Public Health England, UK, St Mary's Hospital, UK, St George's University of London, UK, University of Liverpool, UK
  • Scotland
  • Diagnosis and treatment

Improving the speed, accuracy and cost of diagnosing meningitis in children in the UK by using new genomic techniques

Vaccinating expectant mothers against MenA
  • MRC Unit, Banjul, The Gambia, University of Cambridge, UK, LSHTM, London, UK, PHE, Manchester, UK, WHO, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • England
  • Prevention

Protecting newborn infants from meningococcal A infection and meningitis

Defining meningitis in UK children in the conjugate vaccine era
  • University of Oxford, UK, St Mary's Hospital, UK, St George's Hospital, University of London, UK, Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals, UK
  • England
  • Diagnosis and treatment


Determining the current causes of childhood meningitis

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