About us

Our vision is of a world free from meningitis and septicaemia

Meningitis Research Foundation is a leading UK, Irish and international charity that brings together people and expertise to defeat meningitis and septicaemia wherever it exists.

Our vision is of a world free from meningitis and septicaemia. A world where effective vaccinations can protect everyone. A world where people who do get the diseases get the most effective diagnosis and treatments possible. A world where people affected and their families have the best support and information.

affects more than 5m people globally each year
1/10 die as a result
2/10 left with an impairment like brain injury or amputation

We have three goals:

  • to see fewer people get meningitis and septicaemia;
  • to see more people survive with a better quality of life and reduced disability;
  • to have more engaged, informed and supported patients and communities.

MRF plays a key role in making this happen in the UK, Ireland and around the world by funding vital research, advocating for change as a dedicated champion for those it affects, and taking action that benefits people, including running awareness campaigns, training health professionals and providing support and information.

Our values


We pride ourselves on being grounded in facts. Research and evidence are at our core and remain essential to our work today – guided by our panel of scientific advisors and disease specialists. This approach ensures we provide considered responses to the challenges brought about by the disease, wherever they may be found.


To the people we support and work with, we are a trusted source of information and learning. We weigh all of the evidence and operate with openness and transparency to exceed expectations and deliver the best services and responses - be that helping a family, or working with health organisations around the world.


We will not stop until we defeat meningitis. We will relentlessly seek answers, work tirelessly with purpose and are driven by those we help. Our dedication enables the best modern science, research and on-the-ground learning to work in the positive interests of individuals, families and communities impacted by meningitis and septicaemia, both here in the UK/ROI and in communities around the world.


We are a united voice against meningitis and septicaemia and a dedicated champion for those it affects. We exist to ensure that the voices of our members, supporters and those impacted by meningitis and septicaemia in the UK, ROI and around the world, are heard and not forgotten. We are highly focused in our work and inform and advise health policy and practice, driven to make a contribution to reducing the burden of the disease and its aftermath.


We believe in partnership and collaboration. Whether we are supporting individuals and families who have been impacted by the disease, working with international funding partners or supporting on-the-ground health teams working in challenging environments, we combine resources and expertise to deliver the very best results. We share the knowledge we’ve gained through more than 20 years of work in the UK and ROI to support and enable those impacted by or battling to defeat the disease.


We are driven by the stories of those we work for and with. We care deeply, listen and take the best action for each unique circumstance. Whether it’s providing direct support, finding the right information, or campaigning for the change that will make a real difference.

90p/€1 produces a detailed ‘Your Guide’ information pack for parents when a child is recovering from meningitis

The MRF Membership and Support team are here for you for any questions you might have about meningitis and septicaemia and their effects on you or your family and friends.

We fund research into the prevention, detection and treatment of meningitis and sepsis
A global vision for meningitis by 2030 and an action plan to get there.
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