Students Against Meningitis

We work with students across the UK to raise thousands of pounds for MRF’s life-saving work every year, and have been awarded ‘Charity of the Year’ at the National Raise and Give Conference in both 2014 and 2017 for our Student Programme.

We have worked with students for over 20 years and run student challenges for eight, so it’s safe to say that we know our stuff when it comes to student fundraising!

Find out how you can get involved by taking on the challenge of a lifetime, taking part in a raid, or partnering with us as a Charity of the Year.

“Working with MRF is a pleasure because it’s so easy. The student team is so well run that we know our participants are in great hands, MRF really are leading the way in student fundraising.” - Grace Thomson, Warwick RAG President

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Students Against Meningitis

Students Against Meningitis

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Why we work with students
Why we work with students
If you are a student then meningitis matters to you. As the second biggest at-risk group of contracting meningitis, after babies and toddlers, it is vital that you are aware of the symptoms of this deadly disease, and know about the life-saving vaccines that are available to you.

Your MRF Student Team

The Student Team is made up of four full-time members of staff, all of whom fundraised as students and have experience of the events that we offer.

Jenny Robinson
Student team manager

Hi! I’m Jenny and I am the Student Team Manager at MRF.

I had the time of my life climbing Kilimanjaro as a Fresher for MRF, and since then have been hooked on student fundraising. I was elected onto the Birmingham Carnival Rag committee and decided that at the end of uni I wasn’t ready to give it up, so went on to join the MRF student team! Seeing students challenge themselves, innovate brand new fundraising events, and create friendships of a lifetime is why I love working with students.

Tel: 0333 405 6241
Lauren Feast
Events fundraiser

Hi! I’m Lauren and I’m part of the Student Team. I did a challenge every year that I was at uni – Machu Picchu, Morocco High Atlas Trek, and then Machu Picchu AGAIN as a Challenge Leader. I raised over £5,000 in total in order to take part in these, so I have loads of experience of student fundraising!

I loved these challenges so much that it inspired me to pursue a career in student fundraising. I started at MRF in September 2017 shortly after graduating from Exeter University, and have loved every moment! I genuinely believe that these challenges are the best thing you will EVER do whilst at university, and so love going out to universities and inspiring students across the country to sign up for the trip of a lifetime, and helping them to raise loads of money for an incredible cause!

Tel: 0333 405 6240
Hattie Smail
Student Fundraising Co-ordinator

Hi I’m Hattie,

I am super excited to be a full time member of the MRF Student Team and to be part of some incredible projects! Working in student fundraising is very exciting and offers so much variety. My role ranges from organising student fundraising activities such as the student raffle and street collections to communicating with students on a regular basis to ensure they reach their fundraising goals. It is extremely rewarding supporting students reach their targets and seeing how dedicated they are to such an amazing cause.

Tel: 0333 405 6246
Konna Beeson

Hi I’m Konna, and I’m part of the Student Team!

After spontaneously signing up to be a Kilimanjaro Leader at Plymouth University, I instantly fell in love with RAG, MRF and the wider student adventures community. Since then, I have helped raise thousands for MRF and been volunteering at events, adventures, our infamous London Loot and training days to help as many students discover the amazing experiences I was lucky enough to find.

I am now here as a full time member of staff looking after multiple universities and challenges across the UK and world.

Tel: 0333 405 6239
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