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Getting young people and students across the UK to take up the free MenACWY vaccine and raising awareness of meningitis in young people and students.

Protecting young people against meningitis

Young people are at a higher risk of getting meningitis caused by meningococcal bacteria.

A vaccine called MenACWY which protects against 4 types of meningococcal bacteria (MenA, MenC, MenW and MenY) is available to young people aged between 14 and 25 in the UK. 

All young people should check that they have received their MenACWY vaccine.  This is particularly important if you are heading off to university because the bacteria that cause disease spread more easily amongst university students and in halls of residence.

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Why you need to have the MenACWY vaccine.

Lauren Sandell died in her first few weeks at uni from a deadly type of meningitis that spreads among students.

What else do students and young people need to know?

In the 2021/22 academic year there was a rise in cases of meningitis caused by a type of meningococcal bacteria known as MenB.  Meningitis caused by MenB is now the most common cause of deadly meningitis in students and is not covered by the MenACWY vaccine.

MenB vaccines are available free of charge to UK infants because they are at the highest risk.  At the moment, there are not enough cases of MenB disease in older children to justify routine vaccination of this age group on cost grounds.  Older children and adults can only get protected by purchasing MenB vaccine privately. 

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Meningitis is deadly and rapid treatment saves lives.  So it is vital to be aware of the signs and symptoms of meningitis and get urgent help if you are worried about someone who is unwell.

The teenage MenACWY vaccination
The teenage MenACWY vaccination
Protection against the rise of MenW in the UK and Ireland
We call for positive change as a united voice against meningitis and septicaemia, and a dedicated champion for those it affects.
Since the charity was founded in 1989, we have awarded 161 research grants. The total value of our investment in vital scientific research is over £19.1 million (€24.7 million).
We take action that benefits people directly, including training health professionals and providing support and information services.
Rachel Davis, a third year student at the University of Bristol, asks why some students don't get their free MenACWY vaccine.
Alert students to the importance of meningitis vaccines
Alert students to the importance of meningitis vaccines
Just £10/€12/$13.30 per month alerts 6,000 students to the importance of meningitis vaccines