At Home Superheroes

Inspirational kids with amputations take on a superhero triathlon challenge, raising funds for a world free from meningitis.

Meet the Superheroes...

Three brave children who lost limbs to meningitis are taking part in an extraordinary challenge to help defeat the disease. This July, the ‘At Home Superhero’ Challenge will see the kids take on 20km, supported by their families, using wheelchairs and prosthetics to go the distance.
Mason Montague is 5 and contracted meningitis in 2016. He was given a 50/50 chance of survival. Mason underwent a 6-hour operation to remove both legs above the knee, his left arm just below the elbow, and the thumb and finger tips on his right hand.

He is taking part in the 20km challenge by walking and running on his prosthetics. He is joined by grandmother Elaine and grandfather John, who were with him the night he contracted meningitis.

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Robbie Jones, 13, is determined to complete the 20km distance all by himself despite losing his legs and the tips of his fingers on one hand to meningitis in July 2008. He'll be using electric wheelchair to do laps around the local area.

Robbie's grandmother Sandra, an 8 time Great North Run participant, will run part of the 20km distance whilst her husband John plans to walk up to 5 miles a day.

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Rico Dunworth is 12 and contracted meningitis in 2016, aged 8. Rico spent 7 days in a coma, and asked for his older brother Del as soon as he woke up. He and Rico have a strong bond and will be completing the 20km distance together, with Rico using prosthetics.

Rico spent 4 months in hospital before enduring the total amputation of his left foot and partial amputation of his right. He and Del will be running and cycling 20km in their local area, raising funds to defeat meningitis.

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The At Home Superhero challenge is powered by Marvel. Click here to learn more.
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