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If you've decided to fundraise for MRF, we'd love to hear about it

The race to defeat meningitis doesn't have to involve taking part in an actual race. Whether you are hosting a pub quiz, doing a cake sale or organising a music event, we'd love to hear about it and provide you with resources and advice. If you're not sure on an idea, but want to fundraise, that's not a problem. Take a look at the ideas below and we'd be happy to discuss them in more detail.

Fundraising Ideas

  • Host a Pub Quiz
  • Run 100 miles within a month
  • Sell handmade crafts at a local fair
  • Organise a summer party 
  • Walk 5k every day in a month
  • Give-up your favourite food/drink for a month
  • Celebration fundraising at your birthday or wedding

Our supporters have always played a hugely important role in funding the work we do to power vital research, provide lifesaving symptoms awareness, and support for those affected. From running marathons to hosting balls and pub quizzes – our supporters drive everything that we do. 

We are as driven as ever to defeat a disease that does not respect people or national boundaries – wherever you are, you can still help us in the race to defeat meningitis wherever it exists. Meningitis isn’t going to stop now and nor will we.

Follow the link below to let us know about your fundraising. A member of the team will be in touch shortly to help guide you through your fundraising journey. 
Leanna Howe
Supporter Care Officer

Hi I’m Leanna and I’m the Supporter Care Officer.
My role involves supporting all our amazing community fundraisers. Whether they’re taking on a skydive, or selling home-made crafts, I’m here to support them on their fundraising journey.
If you want to take on your own challenge, get in touch!

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