Ryan Sweatman

England Meningococcal Teenager Parent
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Ryan Sweatman

Ryan Joe Sweatman was born on October 8th 1992 to Gina and Paul, Danny, Carly and Holly. We now believe he was sent to us to ease the pain of losing his brother Joe, also cruelly to meningitis. Unfortunately, we now know he was only lent to us. 

Ryan attended Sprowston First School followed by Tunstead Primary School and then went onto Broadland High School where he met so many of his friends who remained to stay close to him. He then went to Paston College to take his A levels which took him to Sheffield Hallam University to study Sports Development and Coaching which would possibly lead him into High School Teaching. Although we were going to miss him, we couldn’t have been more proud of him.

"Ryan was such a fantastic baby, very quiet and always sleeping – much like his teenage years."

He would put up with being pulled around in a cardboard box by his sister Holly and loved to dance to Top of the Pops when it came on the TV. He has always loved football – playing it, watching it and analysing it with his friends and family. As you all know – his biggest passion was Norwich City Football Club and all that went with it, especially going to the matches with his Dad, Danny, Tom and Luke. Music and films were also a great passion of Ryan’s, along with the odd game of golf and of course FIFA! 

There is so much we could say about Ryan, but the one outstanding thing about him was his love for his friends and family. He always thought of others before himself and when you needed a hug he was always there to give it to you before you could ask for one. His maturity in dealing with the loss of his stepdad last year whilst studying at Paston was amazing. 

We have been hearing so many good things about Ryan, through his friends and of course on his Facebook page about his kindness, his sense of humour, his consideration for others, his love for his friends, his love for music, clubs and of course Subways and Jager Bombs. We are not sure how he managed to find time to attend College and University with all the socialising that went on – if indeed he did! 

"We don’t how to thank all his friends in Norwich and Sheffield, they have played such a massive part in Ryan’s life and without you all he wouldn’t have had all the good times and amount of fun in the last couple of years."

We cannot end this tribute without talking about the bond Ryan had with his brother Danny, sisters Carly and Holly, together with their other halves – Suse, Tom and Joe and also Hayley, stepbrother Luke and stepsister Laura and their partners Laura and Darryl. They all loved each other so much and they will never get over the loss of Ryan, but they will have such precious memories of the most lovable, caring person you could ever wish for in your family. 

As for us, Mum and Dad, our hearts are broken and we question – why Ryan, but we gain our strength to get through this terrible sadness with the help of our friends and family – just as Ryan would have wanted. We love you so much Ryan and are so proud, honoured and blessed to have been chosen to be your Mum and Dad and we will miss you forever.

Ryan Sweatman

Ryan Sweatman

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