Rosalind Sanchez

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Rosalind Sanchez

She was the best mother anyone could ever dream to have and had a heart bigger than anyone I know.

Even in the hospital she kept on smiling and being the wonderful person she is.

The doctors gave her only a few years when she was diagnosed with meningitis, she lived for 27 years after being diagnosed.

She was diagnosed with meningitis in 1991 only weeks after I was born. Meningitis spread from her lungs to her spine and then finally to her brain. She eventually needed a shunt placed in her head to help drain fluid build-up.

"Through it all she raised me to be the best person she could."

Through it all she raised me to be the best person she could.

In December 2005 she went into a coma for 3 months doctors said she wouldn't wake. On March 21st 2006 she woke up it also happened to be my birthday. She eventually went home and made a full recovery.
In 2017 she went in to get her shunt changed out, it didn't go as planned and fluid built up in her head. Eventually her brain became so water logged that it no longer functioned, we made the decision to remove her from like support one of the hardest things we've ever had to do.

I still miss her every day.

I love you Mom.

J Sanchez
October 2018

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