Paawan Purba

England Group W meningococcal (Men W) Young Adult 20-25 Parent
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Paawan Purba

It’s always very difficult to put into words the feelings and emotions we have during such a terrible time, and we don’t know if these words will ever do justice to how truly amazing Paawan was. 

It’s a terrible shame to lose someone so young, beautiful and full of great promise. Such a tragedy only serves to remind us of how fragile life is, and that we can never know what tomorrow will bring. The lesson we have all learned during this sad time is to appreciate the little everyday things in life and to never take anyone for granted. 

Our loss is especially hard given how young Paawan was. When someone so young passes, we mourn not only the life that was, but also the great life that might have been. In the time since Paawan’s passing, we have been overwhelmed by the many lives Paawan touched - it is a true testament to Paawan’s beautiful personality. 

"If we can learn anything from this tragic event, we should all learn to be more aware of the valuable short life we have."

We should be reminded to set aside our differences and petty arguments. We should take extra time to love our children, nieces and nephews, grandchildren, and precious friends. 

While we all have our own special memories of Paawan and each story reveals a special side of her, we wanted to share a few of our memories of her. 

We held Paawan in our arms as a baby when she was born, and watched her blossom into the bubbly, creative and caring young woman she had become. She always greeted everyone with a welcoming smile and big warm hug. She was generous with her time, being helpful wherever she could. She always had time for anyone who needed it, no matter what. She was an amazing Bhua (aunt) and enjoyed every moment she spent with her nieces and nephew - maybe because she was still a big kid at heart, with her little giggles and infectious laugh. We will always remember her funny dance moves and her clumsiness (she never took herself too seriously!). 

"Paawan, letting you go is the hardest thing we will ever have to do. Even though we can’t see you, we can feel you with us."

Just know that everything that happens throughout the rest of our lives, you will be a part of because you will always live in our hearts. Your time will not be measured by the numbers of years you spent with us, but by the number of lives you touched in so many different ways. It is this that we will remember and always cherish.

Thank you Paawan, thank you for giving us the gift of you. We love you, and we will live life and love life on your behalf.

Written by: the Purba family
October 2016

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Total raised in memory of Paawan Purba
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