Michael Fisher

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Michael Fisher

Michael, known to most as Mick, was a loving Dad to Louise and Charlotte, a fun and chatty father-in-law to Dave and Jay and a kind and caring Grandad to Jake, Abbie, Morgan , Mason and Jensen. Dad grew up in Maxstoke and had a very loving and close family around him. 

He sadly died after nine long weeks of battling against this horrible illness. 

Dad went to hospital after suffering from a continuous and very painful headache. Tests were run over a few days and then the true reality of what Dad was suffering from came to light. A couple of days later Dad took a turn for the worse and was put into a medical coma. He became very ill and was sent to Nottingham hospital for an emergency operation on his brain.

We thought at one point he was going to make it as he started to respond to me and my sister. One evening when we visited him, he opened his eyes and tried so hard to speak to us, he even waved as we left. We had hope. But sadly this hope faded away quickly and we soon realised that he was not going to pull through. Dad sadly died on 11th December 2013. 

We would like to thank all the staff at Nottingham Hospital for their help and support in helping us and Dad during this heartbreaking time.

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Total raised in memory of Michael Fisher
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