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Mark Thompson

Nearly 20 years ago we lost my brother, Mark, to meningitis. It is a day we will never forgot and he is missed every day.

Mark was feeling unwell and went to the doctors who said he had a migraine and advised him to take some painkillers. Mark was acting quite strangely and talking about things that didn't make sense. He was also being sick and seemed to have problems lifting up his head. 

Meningitis was not as publicised 20 years ago like it is today, but thankfully I had taken my little girl to be weighed at the health clinic only a few days previously and while I was sat waiting to go in I had read the tick awareness list. 

Suddenly that day after seeing my brother, I called my mum who as at work and said I'm calling an ambulance because I think our Mark may have meningitis.

Everything happened so quickly after that. My mum arrived home the same time as the ambulance and sadly that was the last time any of us saw him conscious.

"We are thankful we had 17 years with Mark and he is missed every day."

If it had not have been for that awareness poster the doctors confirmed Mark would have died at home in bed within a few hours. 

Mark had contracted meningococcal meningitis and septicaemia. 

As you can imagine this left all of our family in a state of shock and anger because Mark was there one day and 24 hours later we was told he was brain dead. 

But my mum and dad, although going through all this, still agreed to donate Mark's organs and he saved the life of 3 people. 

Written by: Tracey Ibbetson
July 2015 
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