Maddison Shepherd-Briggs

England Bacterial meningitis Baby 0-1 Grandparent
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Maddison Shepherd-Briggs

Our little Maddi was taken ill on Saturday the 19th of February 2012. She was four weeks old and sadly passed away from meningitis and septicaemia. 

She was our special little angel who is now safe in heaven as she was too beautiful to stay with us.

"The embrace team and hospital staff/consultants did everything to help save our little Maddi but she was just too small to fight off this terrible disease",- says Maddison's family.

So please help us to help make a difference and help others that have, and will go, through the pain and distress that we have due to the loss of our beautiful Maddison. Loving daughter, sister, granddaughter and great granddaughter miss you and love you to the moon and back.

Please help us, thank you. xxxxxx

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Total raised in memory of Maddison Shepherd-Briggs
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