Layton Coleman

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Layton Coleman

My water broke at 28 weeks and shortly after I started showing signs of infection.

I was induced at 29 weeks 1 day. My little bug was born on 06/24/2019. She was so strong for how little she was!

By the end of the week she was completely off Cpap, showing signs of being ready to eat, gaining weight, the whole nine yards. She did that for about two weeks.

Then everything changed, she was very lethargic on Tuesday and by Thursday we knew she had (Enterobacter Cloacae) meningitis. Unfortunately for my precious little bug, it took a while for them to find out the bacteria causing it.

By the time we found out, my baby had suffered major brain damage and we had to pull her off her ventilator. She passed away at 11:57 PM on Monday July 22 2019 at a month old.

Hunter Thomas
July 2019

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