James Lam

England Pneumococcal Adult 25-59 Brother or Sister
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James Lam

No words can describe the loss of the perfect son, brother, boyfriend and friend. 

James aka "Jam" excelled in his academic and work career, achieving a First Class Honours and a Masters with Merit.

His family says: "He touched the hearts of all who knew him - people were drawn to his warmth, his wit and humour, his brilliance, dedication, intelligence and all round geekiness for computer games and Arsenal."

Meningitis is a cruel, vicious and sly disease - to have taken someone so young who was otherwise fit, healthy and had so much more to contribute to this world. By starting this page we hope to help prevent other families from experiencing the same devastating heart break we have gone through.

Jam always kept in touch with his family and friends no matter how near or far. Whilst he appears far away now we will always remember the happy, fun-loving and talented guy that he was and will always speak about him with love and endless pride. 

Written by: Lam Family
February 2017

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