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A gift in memory of Emily to defeat meningitis

In 2002, we lost our 12-year-old daughter Emily to bacterial meningitis.

After just four days of flu-like symptoms, our intelligent, thoughtful, vivacious and positive child was suddenly taken from us in a heart-breaking way and our lives changed forever.

Emily had a powerful desire to tackle injustice, particularly for one so young, writing and illustrating a children’s book about bullying when just 11 years old. Determined that no family should have to go through what we have, we have fought the cruel injustice of meningitis in Emily’s name, through the Emily’s Dash Foundation, ever since she passed. Read more about Emily’s story.

Emily and family in the Autumn (Fall) Emily Koenig Emily Koenig as a teenager

This year, 20 years after her death, the Emily’s Dash Foundation is making a major gift to MRF, a valuable grant firmly targeted at defeating meningitis as part of WHO's roadmap. At a critical time in its development, Emily’s Fund will support MRF’s Meningitis Progress Tracker (MPT). We hope this fund will encourage others to join the fight against this killer disease.

The Emily’s Dash Foundation has funded meningitis vaccine dissemination in Africa, family support in the US, public education and awareness and early detection kits. It has also funded Sue and Al’s collaboration with the international network CoMO (Confederation of Meningitis Organisations ).

Meningitis Progress Tracker

Meningitis Progress Tracker example

For the first time ever, the various sources of data about meningitis are being brought together in one place. The MPT will provide the most accurate picture possible of meningitis across the world and will do three key things.

  • It will enable national governments and international organisations to have the best data about what is happening with meningitis, and is set to happen, at a global, regional and national level. This means that strategies to protect people will be much better informed.
  • It will amplify the voice of patient groups such as many of the members of CoMO. They will have the best evidence to call for change.
  • It will track how successful the WHO Roadmap to Defeat Meningitis by 2030 is in meeting its objectives.

The WHO Roadmap has been established to save many lives and save many families from the unbearably painful loss of loved ones. The MPT has a key role to play. However, there is much still to do to gather and include the very best data on meningitis, to engage with those who need evidence to save lives and to create the tools and visualisations to help share that evidence across the world.


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Further information:
emilysdash.org | www.meningitis.org/mpt | comomeningitis.org

Total raised in memory of Emily Grace Koenig - Emily's Fund
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