Eira Ann Pomeroy

England Pneumococcal Toddler 1-3 Parent
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Eira Ann Pomeroy

Our beautiful, vivacious, sensitive, wonderful daughter, Eira Ann Pomeroy contracted pneumococcal meningitis unbeknown to us. We assumed she was coming down with a sickness bug.

By Sunday the 17th of February, however, we realised her condition was serious and she was put on a ventilator shortly after arriving in A&E.

"She celebrated her 2nd Birthday on the Tuesday in ITU."

By Thursday she was no longer septic, was responding to pain and even making efforts to breathe on her own. 

However, by the early hours of Friday morning another CT scan revealed that the damage to her brain was so profuse that she could not survive.

On Friday 22nd of February on a beautiful day much like the day she was born,the ventilator was taken away and Eira died in my arms.

Her little sister, Glesni was only four months old and won't remember her, but we will make sure she never forgets. She was the kind of person everyone will remember. 

Total raised in memory of Eira Ann Pomeroy
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