Chloe Short

England GAS (Group A streptococcal) Other relative
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Chloe Short
Chloe Short, 13, our beautiful niece who was such a part of our family due to the loss of her mum in 2006. 

"She is sadly now reunited with her mum in heaven on the 6th April 2013 due to invasive Group A Streptococcal septicaemia."

Such an aggressive illness that took you in hours and still does not seem possible. 

Loved and missed by so many, the memories of you are endless, most of all we miss your beautiful smile. It is now your mum’s time with you in heaven and to guide you into becoming the brightest star of all. 

Our love and for always

Uncle Stuart and Auntie Sam

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Total raised in memory of Chloe Short
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