Baby James Walter Sefton

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Baby James Walter Sefton

I was 22 1/2 weeks pregnant and I felt "unsure" but just could not quite work out what it was and how I was feeling. We were busy that that weekend and I thought maybe I had just over done it, the warm weather, feeling tired and general pregnancy all mixed together.

With slight abdominal & lower back pains with an added burning sensation I then thought I may have water infection, again common in pregnancy and I continued to get on with my day, as that afternoon we were looking forward to going to my 5 year old son Harrey's school for his little reception graduation. It was an emotional day for Mummy!! 

By the evening I did for a moment thought these could be labour pains, & made a joke that baby could not arrive 4 months early. I did however take myself off to the hospital to be checked out, but the truth be known, I did not really want my gut instinct to be proved right as I did sense there was something not quite right.

It is your worst nightmare, the chilling silence of your baby's heartbeat, waiting for certain result from tests, then what seemed like the longest wait is over when Senior Doctors confirm, the tragic news that he had indeed passed away.

Throughout the night I was slowly deteriorating and started to feel quite poorly, although frequently being pumped with fluids and antibiotics to start fighting the infection. James may have passed away a few days before which would explain why I was experiencing labour pains as he now beginning to reject from my body.

On Tuesday 19th July 2016 at 16.16pm our beautiful sweet little boy was born asleep - James Walter Sefton.

The next day I was informed that my blood test results had now shown the infection I had caught was a very rare case in the UK of Listeria Meningitis. This is a horrible infection that usually affects new born, pregnancy or the elderly with immature or failing immune systems. That unfortunate unlucky individual was me, and somehow contracted this fast effecting bacteria possibly from contaminated foods consumed within the previous few weeks.

However I can take such a negative and turn to a positive for this reason. If our little James had not passed away which may have been a few days before, this would not have indicated the signs there was something seriously wrong, this awful infection could have then gone into my blood resulting in serious complications and possibly then taking my life. This infection moved at a fast pace and attacked quickly, without much warning or signs that related to listeria. If by sharing my experience and creating some awareness of the possible symptoms that I felt before and during this period, this could save a life rather than taking one. Not for one moment did I ever think that having general aches and pains would have ended in this way.

He is our special little baby Angel that saved his mummy's life, who gave me the strength and courage to be brave so I could get through this life event. James will continue to live on in & be very close to our hearts but hoping to mainly be remembered by working closely with MRF charity to share our personal journey & James' story, help raise awareness, prevention and enable further research to be carried out.

Written by: Beverley Carroll 
August 2016


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