Aslam 'Cookie' Mumtaz

England Bacterial meningitis 60+ Child
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Aslam 'Cookie' Mumtaz
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Dad was a wonderful human being, generous, kind and most importantly, non judgemental. Once you met him, you never forgot him.

Unfortunately in October 2012 he had to go into hospital after having severe chest pains, this is where it all went downhill. After a long time in and out of hospitals, we discovered he had septicaemia, they gave him only a couple of days to live, but he waited for my brother who was travelling all the way from Chile and was with us for 2 weeks.

"Dad was surrounded 24hrs a day by his 4 children, wife, son in law, brothers and sister. It just showed me how loved he was by everyone."

I want to keep his memory alive by setting up this remembrance fund and hope that more research can be done to fight this horrible illness.

Thanks in advance on behalf of the family for all your donations. 

"We love you Dad".

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Total raised in memory of Aslam 'Cookie' Mumtaz
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