Andrew Martin (Andy Pandy)

England Meningococcal Toddler 1-3 Brother or Sister
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Andrew Martin (Andy Pandy)

I never met him but I could tell he was a part of our family because he had the eyes and the hair. 

I've heard so many stories about him and seen pictures, he looked so cute.

My dad told me he would never forget how proud he was pushing Andrew and my sister Charlotte in the pram together for the first time.

"I know he would have been a good brother to me, he would have had a decent job and been handsome", - says Sareena.

I think about him all the time, not a day goes by where I don't. I wish I had had the chance to meet him, just to know what he would look like.

All I can say is heaven has gained one special, handsome and amazing angel.

R.I.P Andrew (Andy Pandy), you will be forever missed and forever loved.

Written by: Sareena Martin
January 2015

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Total raised in memory of Andrew Martin (Andy Pandy)
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