Meningitis Awareness Week 2017


One life. One shot.

A week of raising awareness and reducing the impact of meningitis and septicaemia. We have one shot to protect students and young adults.

Help spread the word.


Monday 18th September - Read all about it!

  • New research for Meningitis Awareness Week shows misunderstanding among teens that could put them at risk of meningitis Read all about it
  • That research supported by us and the Confederation of Meningitis Organisations (COMO) highlights the lack of awareness in teenagers. This is crucial as the UK fights the rise in Group Meningococcal W (MenW) in young adults with a one off vaccination programme. MRF are campaigning for eligible young adults and first year university students to get their free MenACWY vaccine in One Life. One Shot. Read all about it
  • Meningitis Awareness Week sees the release of a report on Meningitis in 2030 -  a global vision for meningitis by 2030 and an action plan to get there. Read all about it
  • Throughout the UK and Ireland our members will be telling their meningitis stories to raise awareness of the dangers of the disease, like Kath Easton whose family was struck not once but twice by meningitis Read all about it

Tuesday 19th September - Test your knowledge of meningitis 

You have one shot to get the right answer in our meningitis quiz (but don’t worry, we’ll give you the right answers at the end).
Test yourself, your friends and family by taking our online interactive quiz.
Dispel some of the myths about meningitis and its symptoms in minutes.
Take the quiz.

Wednesday 20th September - Go purple on social

Show your support by changing your profile purple.

One shot to create a day of purple!

Send a message of support using #MeningitisAware


Thursday 21st September - Help create a world free from meningitis

This is your shot at helping us defeat meningitis by fundraising to support our vital work..
We’ve a series of special Meningitis Awareness Week fundraising events for you:
  • Bake Sale - The sweetest way to save lives
  • Quiz Night – Let’s get quizzical
  • Purple Day – Wear and donate

 Get involved

Friday 22nd September - Write to your MP 

At the MenB petition parliamentary debate in March 2016 the government committed to action to tackle MenB – the major cause of life-threatening meningitis in the UK.
We need you to write to your MP, particularly if you had a new representative at the last election, reminding them of the government’s promises to keep the pressure on to tackle MenB in the UK.

Feel free to write your own letter, but if it would help we have a template that you can use. 

Email Rob Dawson for your copy

We call for positive change as a united voice against meningitis and septicaemia, and a dedicated champion for those it affects.
Since the charity was founded in 1989, we have awarded 161 research grants. The total value of our investment in vital scientific research is over £19.1 million (€24.7 million).
We take action that benefits people directly, including training health professionals and providing support and information services.
Vaccine hesitancy is one of the biggest threats to global health. But why does it happen?
Alert students to the importance of meningitis vaccines
Alert students to the importance of meningitis vaccines
Just £10/€12/$13.30 per month alerts 6,000 students to the importance of meningitis vaccines