South Wales Community Take on Challenge in Memory of Baby Ava Who Lost Her Life to Meningitis

22 Jun 2017
South Wales Community Take on Challenge in Memory of Baby Ava Who Lost Her Life to Meningitis

Sean Turner and his 11 good friends from New Quay are gearing up to run, trek and cycle 59 miles including climbing two mountains all within the daylight of one day to raise funds for the charity Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF). They'll be taking on the challenge on Friday 7 July in memory of his close friend’s daughter, Ava Jeremiah.

Jamie Jeremiah and Zoe O'connor from New Quay/Ammanford sadly lost their baby daughter, Ava, to meningitis in April 2016.

Now, 31 year old Sean who works as a business development manager at a 3D printing firm is joining forces with 11 friends for the mammoth challenge.

Sean said, “I’ve organised this endurance challenge to raise as much money as possible for the charity that really helped a good friend of mine, Jamie, and Ava’s mum Zoe, through the tragedy of losing their daughter. Ava had only just had her first birthday. We live in a small community and this tragedy has touched everyone in it. It's also made us very aware of meningitis and septicaemia. We hope to raise £3000 for the charity as a thank you from our community.”

Starting at 5:30am at the bottom of Snowdon, the group will trek up to the summit and plant a flag in memory of Ava, before heading back down the south side. When they reach the bottom they’re getting their running shoes on, running five miles south to find their bikes, followed by a 33 mile ride through the hills of Snowdonia, and a further 5.3 miles running uphill to the foot of Cadair Idris mountain. From there they will climb to the summit, leave another flag for Ava before heading back down to finish.

They aim to complete the challenge in the 16 hours of daylight available but they’re taking head torches just in case.

The team, and anyone else who want to join them, are meeting at the Black Lion Hotel in New Quay the following evening (Saturday 8th July) for celebratory drinks and to have a chance to thank the sponsors and hand over the funds raised to MRF. Everyone welcome!

Donations can be made in memory of Ryan .

MRF's Rob Dawson, said, “We are saddened by what happened to Ava and we’re always here to support to the family. We’re very grateful to Sean and his team for taking on this huge challenge in memory of Ava. The funds they raise will help support MRF’s lifesaving research into the prevention, detection and early treatment of meningitis. It will also allow us to continue supporting families affected by this devastating disease.”

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