Recent case of viral meningitis in a newborn baby

18 Jul 2017
Recent case of viral meningitis in a newborn baby
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Recent news has reported that a baby in Iowa, US, has sadly died in hospital after being diagnosed with HSV-1 viral meningitis.

Meningitis Research Foundation would like to extend its condolences to the parents.

HSV-1 infections are very common, but most people affected have only minor symptoms (such as a cold sore occasionally) or no symptoms at all. Transmission is via contact with an infected area of the skin when the virus is active.

Anyone who is concerned having read about this recent case should be reassured that meningitis caused by HSV-1 is rare. Viral forms of meningitis are not normally life threatening, but can lead to more complications in babies.

Any parent who thinks their baby has viral or bacterial meningitis or septicaemia should get medical help immediately.

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Viral meningitis
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