Parents of Tim Mason bravely raising awareness in memory of their son

12 Mar 2019
Parents of Tim Mason bravely raising awareness in memory of their son

Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF) is in touch with the family of Tim Mason, from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, who tragically died aged 21 from sepsis as a result of meningococcal W infection (MenW), in March 2018.

Tim had been in the age group eligible to receive the MenACWY vaccine free from his GP - a vaccine that was introduced in 2015 to protect young people against MenW - yet Tim was never contacted about the vaccination, neither was he told about it when attending any regular GP appointments.

When Tim became unwell, doctors failed to spot the signs of meningitis and sepsis and he was not treated quickly enough to save his life.

Rob Dawson, Director of Communications and Support at MRF said, “It’s a tragedy for a young person to die from an illness that they should have been protected against through vaccination. We regularly receive calls to our helpline from people who have not been informed by their GP practice about the vaccine, and many face difficulties getting it when they ask.

“This was also a tragic example of what happens when meningitis and sepsis are not recognised and treated quickly enough.

"We are saddened by what happened to Tim and our thoughts and condolences are with his family. It is because of cases such as Tim’s that MRF has campaigned tirelessly to raise awareness of meningitis, septicaemia and sepsis among the public and health professionals.

“We are working with the Mason family as they bravely raise awareness and call for changes to be made within the NHS so that other young people do not die from this preventable, treatable disease.”

Meningococcal W meningitis and septicaemia: a new, virulent strain in the UK, particularly affecting young adults
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