MRF welcomes UNICEF campaign to prevent newborn deaths

22 Feb 2018
MRF welcomes UNICEF campaign to prevent newborn deaths

Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF) welcomes a new global campaign from UNICEF, #EveryChildALIVE.

A report published to launch the #EveryChildALIVE campaign acknowledges that more than 80 per cent of all newborn deaths are caused by three preventable and treatable conditions: complications due to prematurity or during delivery, and infections like sepsis, meningitis and pneumonia.

The report calls for strong cooperation among governments, businesses, health-care providers, communities and families to give every newborn a fair chance to survive, and to collectively work towards the achievement of universal health coverage, and a world where no newborn dies of a preventable cause.

You can sign the campaign petition to demand that world leaders prioritise affordable, quality healthcare for every mother and newborn baby.

Find out more about MRF’s work in defeating meningitis and septicaemia everywhere is exists here.

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