MRF supports Group B Strep Awareness Month this July

09 Jul 2021
MRF supports Group B Strep Awareness Month this July

Meningitis Research Foundation is proud to support Group B Strep Awareness Month, July 2021. Group B Strep (GBS) is the leading cause of neonatal meningitis in newborns in the UK and Ireland, and can also cause septicaemia and pneumonia. This July, we join our friends at Group B Strep Support in highlighting the importance of group B Strep awareness, education and research.

Approximately 20-30% of pregnant women carry the GBS bacteria, which can be transmitted from mother to baby before or during birth. Antibiotics can be given to women during labour or to babies after birth to kill the bacteria, but there is currently no vaccine available to protect against Group B Strep infection.

Recent studies have found that babies who contract invasive GBS disease, notably meningitis, are at greater risk of neurodevelopmental impairments and more likely to require additional educational support in later life. This underlines the need for follow-up care for survivors, as well as maternal GBS vaccines to prevent infection occurring.

This month, we encourage everyone to support Group B Strep Awareness Month by using the hashtag #GBSAM2021 on social media. Please visit the GBS Support website for more information.
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Give researchers the clues to help defeat meningitis
Give researchers the clues to help defeat meningitis
£160/€190/$214 decodes the genetic information in a sample of meningococcal bacteria. This information helps us to track new forms of meningitis and campaign to introduce new vaccines.
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