MRF launches new video series to help people cope with life after meningitis

13 Sep 2021
MRF launches new video series to help people cope with life after meningitis

Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF) has launched a new peer support programme called Meningitis & Me. The online video platform uses practical tips and advice from people with experience of meningitis to help others who have been impacted by the disease. The project has been launched as part of Meningitis Awareness Week (13th – 19th September).

MRF Ambassador Mike Davies, 62, who features in the ‘Adapting to life after limb loss due to meningitis and septicaemia’ series having lost his legs and hands to meningitis, shares helpful advice about learning to type, use cutlery, and even drive follow amputations. Videos currently available to view cover a range of topics, from mental health to bereavement.

In her ‘Losing a baby to meningitis’ video, Natalie King, 39, shares the story of her son Myles’ death due to meningitis at just 7 weeks old. She said: “As a family, we feel grateful and appreciative at having been able to assist with the Meningitis & Me project. It is a great resource by MRF, and it feels good to know that our story will reach other families who might be suffering from the loss of a child, to show them that they are not alone and that their feelings are normal. I’m very proud that Myles’s legacy continues to help others.”

Natalie King with husband, Mark, and son Elliott.

We will be uploading new content throughout 2021 and beyond. Feedback on the current videos is welcome and can be submitted here.

“People who have been impacted by meningitis often report feelings of isolation and loneliness,” said Rob Dawson, Director of Communications, Support and Advocacy at MRF. “Meningitis & Me exists to help people realise that they are not alone, no matter what the outcome of the disease may be. We hope that the series will bring comfort to people impacted by meningitis and raise awareness of the wide range of after-effects that this disease can cause.”

Jess Baigent, 19, who participates in the ‘Recovery from meningitis’ video, said: “The Meningitis & Me campaign is going to be so effective and helpful for people recovering or just wanting to not feel alone in what they are going through. This is a nice campaign to look at if you are unsure on what to do or who to turn to. I am so proud and grateful to be a part of this campaign and to be asked to share my struggles and advice to help others. I am so happy to be able to spread awareness of meningitis again.”

The project is supported by the Big Lottery Comunity Fund.

Meningitis Awareness Week 2021
Meningitis Awareness Week 2021
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