Global plan to defeat meningitis is launched

28 Jun 2018
Global plan to defeat meningitis is launched

We've always stressed the importance of defeating meningitis and septicaemia around the world, as the disease passes from human to human without respect for national borders.

With your support, much of our recent effort has gone into campaigning for a coordinated effort to tackle meningitis on a global scale - and that campaigning has paid off.

We're delighted to announce that the World Health Organization (WHO) has responded to our calls by now officially launching the Defeating Meningitis by 2030 initiative.

And MRF is at the heart of that initiative and part of the expert task force that WHO have put together to tackle the disease.

Work begins in earnest at a first meeting in July 2018 to develop practical action to save the thousands of lives that are lost to meningitis every year.

Find out more about how we got to this milestone here.

Defeating meningitis by 2030
Defeating meningitis by 2030
A global vision for meningitis by 2030 and an action plan to get there.
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