Meningitis in your words

Tiffaney Moore's story

  • Location: USA
  • Categories: Bacterial meningitis
  • Age: Teenager
  • Relationship: Brother or Sister
  • Outcome: Bereavement
Tiffaney Moore

My sister died from meningitis.

Tiffaney Moore 04/03/81 - 17/01/97

When she went to the ER they did no blood work or urine. They said it was the flu. She had been complaining about a headache and her eyes became puffy.

They sent her home with pain pill and she slept with my mom that night. Next day I found my sister on the dresser leaned over trying to breathe.

"She was a loving person. My big sister we miss her so much!!!"

When she made it hospital, Tiffaney's brain was dead.

Sometimes they confused meningitis with the flu. If they had taken some blood or did a spinal tap I believe she would still be here.

Written by: Tameisha Moore

October 2017