Meningitis in your words

Shouachee Moua's story

  • Categories: Meningococcal
  • Age: Child 6-12
  • Relationship: Other relative
  • Outcome: Bereavement
Shouachee Moua

My niece Shouachee had come home on Monday night and complained of a severe headache and her neck was hurting too... It was all common flu-like symptoms.

By Tuesday she was complaining her foot hurt so much that my brother gave her some kids’ medicine to make it stop. By Wednesday it all came back but worse and she wasn’t spotting yet, but all signs were pointing to it.

During Thursday March 10, in the early morning at 2am Shouachee woke up to see her father leave for work. My niece was still complaining of her entire body hurting so her mom took a closer look and spotted blotches of blue purple spots on her tummy. She was scared and rushed her to the closest ER nearby.

"It was too late to save her"

By time she got there Shouachee was spotting quickly and the nurses knew what they saw and rushed her to the Children’s Hospital in Tulsa. She called my brother to come to the ER because my niece wasn’t doing too good. My brother got there as fast as he could and the head doctor took them aside and told them it didn’t look too good and they would try everything to help Shouachee.

Six hours went by and the doctor came and told my sister-in-law my niece wouldn’t make it because it spread through her whole body and it was too late to save her.

Shouachee passed away in the afternoon. Fourteen hours earlier a boy had passed away in the same hospital too. We found out later six victims from the school had the same thing but three of them survived with no problem and were on meds right away. Two of them passed away and the sixth victim was put on life support but had all of his four limbs amputated. He recovered and had surgeries to help him more.

Two years has passed and those memories still hurt and I hope one day this meningitis disease will be cured as I don’t want other families to suffer as much as my family has and others who still hurt from this tragic loss.

Thanks for your time reading my story of my beautiful niece who is a angel and I miss her a lot.

Linda Moua
July 2012