Meningitis in your words

Sara Mirza's story

  • Location: USA
  • Categories: Group C meningococcal (Men C)
  • Age: Teenager
  • Relationship: Self
  • Outcome: Full recovery
Sara Mirza

It happened on the morning of January 20, 2005 at approximately 5am. I was 18 years old at the time. I had started to feel extremely sick. I felt like I was paralyzed.

At 6am I tried to get myself out of bed and make it to the bathroom. I don't think I made it very far that morning. I woke up in a room full of nurses. All I could see was someone standing over me telling me that everything was going to be ok. I remember being so tired and falling into a deep sleep.

My mother had to call 911 that morning. I was in a coma for 7 days. Those 7 days felt like I was never going to see earth again. I really thought I was not going to make it, but I knew I had to pull through. God had saved me, he gave me strength and gave me hope to fight off this deadly disease.

When I had woken up I was transferred into another room. A room I had to share with 4 other people. I woke up frightened not really knowing what was going on. I looked at my feet and legs and all I could see was purple blisters. So I started to cry.

There was a man across from me. He was Asian and was an elderly man. There was a girl sitting beside his bedside and she was also crying. I was so afraid and confused with everything that was going on. She saw that I was crying and was all alone at that point. She walked over to me and told me that the man lying in that bed was her grandfather and he had passed away. She wiped my tears and had said that everything was going to be ok and that God sent her to tell me.

"I thank God for giving me another chance to live life."

Not everyone believes in angels, but I do. I believe God had sent my guardian angel to watch over me so I wouldn't be alone. It was the most beautiful moment that I have ever experienced in my whole life.

When I had woken up I didn't see the girl that was talking to me. So I had asked the nurses and they told me that there was never anyone across the room from me and no one had passed away. I was so confused and scared. I know what I saw and it was real. That is when I knew that God had sent an angel to watch over me.

I had spent 2 weeks in the hospital hoping for a speedy recovery. The disease had damaged my feet so badly that I had to learn how to walk again. I was like a little baby learning all over again. It took about a year to fully recover from this deadly disease. I only have a few scars on my left foot.

I thank God for giving me another chance to live life.
I pass my story on to give you all hope. God truly exists and miracles are real!

Sara Mizra
December 2017