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Sammi Johnson's story

  • Categories: Bacterial meningitis
  • Age: Adult 25-59
  • Outcome: Recovery with after effects
  • After effects: Co-ordination problems
Sammi Johnson
Meningitis Awareness Sammi 25 year old women Staffordshire I thought I would make a post on this just to make awareness due to a personal experience I am currently going through.

Sammi JohnsonThe last few weeks I had been generally unwell tiredness and feeling like I had no energy. However on the 30th of March my health took an un expected turn. I went to bed as normal but woke up in the middle of the night with a banging headache as if someone had hit me. This headache continued all night and didn’t ease with any pain relief.

I went to work as normal on Thursday however still feeling unwell, unfortunately while I was at work I had a funny turn and blacked out. I was rushed to my GP where I was suspected to have had possible meningitis. I was then rushed to Derby A and E where on Friday 1st april I was diagnosed with Bacterial Meningitis after 3x brain scans and 6x lumbar punchers and I spent 14 days in hospital on iv antibiotics.

It was a very scary 14 days of iv antibiotics and steroids. Unfortunately meningitis affected my left arm and leg which caused it to be very weak and swollen. The sensation and feeling is slowly coming back each day. However I am left with the headaches and un certain of any other side affects due to it being early days. If anyone ever has symptoms or think they have have symptoms of meningitis please go to A&E. Not everybody gets the rash, I didn’t! Acting fast saves lives, it certainly saved mine.

My main symptoms of Bacterial Meningitis were; - Sudden thunderclap headache - Temperature (high) - Vision loss - Confusion/ black out -Weakness of my left side - Stiff Neck - Sore face/jaw to touch - Sensitivity to lights - Very sleepy I am now left with long term headaches, fatigue, memory loss and confusion. I had to learn to walk again and use my left arm correctly.

I am lucky to be there but still struggle daily with side affects and I am still unable to work.

Sammi Johnson
August 2022

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Provide a lifeline for those in need
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