Meningitis in your words

Parker Brownfield's story

  • Location: England
  • Categories: Bacterial meningitis
  • Age: Toddler 1-3
  • Relationship: Parent
  • Outcome: Recovery with after effects
Parker Brownfield

Parker started to feel unwell with a high temperature.

We took him to the doctors where he was put on to antibiotics for an ear infection. On the last day of the antibiotics he went downhill and became unresponsive.

We called Shrop Doc who arranged an ambulance to take us to hospital. Due to the flooding they couldn't get an air ambulance to land, so we had to get out by a tractor and fire rescue boat.

After getting to the emergency room we were moved up to the children’s assessment unit where we were told he looked ok and could go home.

I said I didn’t feel comfortable with the way he was acting and his temperature going up and down so they said due to the flooding we could stay the night.

That night our world got turned upside down. He started to seizure and once he started it was really hard to get it under control. After 7 days of hell he finally woke.

We are only on day 9 and the outcome is still uncertain but we have him.

Becky Owens
February 2020

"After 7 days of hell he finally woke."


He’s had a CT scan, MRI scan, lumbar puncture and countless blood tests to determine what type of meningitis he had and how to treat him to get his seizures under control. He was very close to getting to the point of being ventilated and transferred to Birmingham as his seizures weren't stopping but thankful he powered through for us.

We found out he had strain 23b of meningitis which isn’t covered in the vaccinations. So in a way we are reassured it's not down to a failed vaccine or his immune system. He’s now on a two week course of antibiotics and ongoing anti-seizure medication.

Since he woke there is a noticeable weakness on his left side which corresponds with the results on his MRI scan. He is starting to make some sounds, smile, blow raspberries and roar. He's slowly coming down of his tube feeding and able to take more oral feeds. All looking positive and moving in the right direction to be able to go home soon to continue his recovery.

We are now on day 16.

Becky Owens
March 3, 2020


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