Meningitis in your words

Pao Purisima's story

  • Location: Philippines
  • Categories: Tuberculosis (TB)
  • Age: Young child 3-5
  • Relationship: Parent
  • Outcome: Recovery with after effects
  • After effects: Speech problems
Pao Purisima
Pao Purisima - Meningitis in your words

I am a Filipino mom working in an Arab country. My son is two years old. He had this boil on his legs...we brought him to the doctor and they gave him antibiotics.

We thought everything was OK by then, he was a healthy boy, we did not bring him to the hospital after that.

Suddenly a week ago I had an overseas call from my husband telling that me that my son is in the hospital and that he has inflamed tonsils; he was ‘treated’ and discharged after three days.

If his body will not respond to the medicine, my son might undergo an operation

That night, I received a call again my husband who said they had to rush my son into the hospital because he kept on sleeping, has no appetite and was not responding. Doctors’opinion was meningitis but not sure what type.

My son underwent a CT scan yesterday (June 10th). The doctors explained to my husband that my son has TB meningitis. If his body will not respond to the medicine, my son might undergo an operation. It’s really a heart breaking knowing your son is sick. Knowing I might lose him. But I don’t wanna lose hope. I want my son to be back on his track again not like this.

Sunday will be my flight going back home to the Philippines to see the real situation of my son. Got emergency leave from the company I’m working for, for one month. Not got enough money to spend for his hospitalisation, really don’t know what to do. As I’m doing my story really I just can’t help but cry... I don’t wanna lose my son.

Sharon Purisima
June 2010

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