Meningitis in your words

Mark Wnink's story

  • Location: England
  • Categories: MRF - Disease
  • Age: Adult 25-59
  • Relationship: Self
  • Outcome: Recovery with after effects
  • After effects: Co-ordination problems
Mark Wnink

Hi, I'm Mark. I was six when I was diagnosed with viral meningitis - and it hit me hard. I had flu-like symptoms so the doctor just diagnosed me with the flu. But, as the first child of my Mom and Dad, it was all good.

My Dad carried me into the hospital with a fever of 106 degrees Fahrenheit and I was struggling to breathe. Dad said I felt like hot rubber when he was carrying me.

"I've always faked being happy, hiding my real feelings, I was just a lost soul."

Ever since I contracted meningitis I've felt lost and have suffered my whole life. I've always faked being happy, hiding my real feelings, I was just a lost soul. I felt left out of those around me at school. I was a child missing the laughter around me as I thought they were always laughing at me.

I suffer neurological problems such as memory loss and migraines. I have some nerve damage and spinal problems. I find it hard to explain my thoughts to doctors. Every doctor I talk to just keeps giving me pills, I wish I could find one who specializes in meningitis - it sucks. I just want a direction in life so I can try to push forward.

I am happy to have my son, even though the doctor said my chances of having a new-born was slim. I have so much more to tell...

Mark Wnink