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Larry Craig's story

  • Categories: Bacterial meningitis
  • Age: Adult 25-59
  • Relationship: Self
  • Outcome: Recovery with after effects
  • After effects: Co-ordination problems
Larry Craig

Well my name is Larry. I came down with meningococcal meningitis Nov 24th 2017.

Now the bad part is I'm a splenectomy patient from a car accident 25 years ago.

So on with the story. Nov 23 not feeling so hot tell my wife think I may have the flu, take the kids to her family for Thanksgiving, I'm going to stay home and rest.

That night they come home, I wake up, my wife brings me a piece if turkey and we talk about it for a few mins and I'm back out.

4am my wife wakes up to find me fully naked standing in the middle of the living room staring into the darkness. I'm gone full Zombie, not responding to vision or sound, my wife struggling to get me dressed, I pee all over the place, then pee myself. I'm dying.

Family call the ambulance because now in the few mins I can't even stand, my body is shutting off. The ambulance arrives. One of the paramedics recognized the signs so he calls ahead to the hospital they have the ice pick, I mean spinal tap, ready to go. Sure enough paramedics were on the money, thank God.

So 8 days later I come out of a coma. Now remember I'm a splenectomy patient, I should be dead no doubt about it but God had more work for me to do. So after a month in the hospital and being a full blown a...hole I finally am released, but here's the kicker, I'm now fully deaf, suffer from tinnitus and lost vision in my right eye cause by glaucoma IV since been through three eye surgeries. My eye has part numbers from implants and belongs to three humans from the transportation. I'm slowly gaining eye sight in it but long story short, cause it is a long story, I suffer major balance issues and night blindness - horrible.

"It’s been 10 months and every day is a new challenge. I'm thankful to be alive and feel very blessed. "

It’s been 10 months and every day is a new challenge. I'm thankful to be alive and feel very blessed. Meningitis is very horrible and life changing.

I own my own DJ COMPANY and was also a very well-known full time chef. This has all been effected by my mishap with meningitis I'm trying to get both back on track cause SSDI don't help very much someone who lives on 424$ a month, lol!

It took me about a couple months to walk without a cane because I had lost all strength in my body. I'm doing as well as I can.  One day at a time. But it takes its effect and I'm the lucky one. My heart goes out to everyone and anybody who has ever looked the devil in the face, aka meningitis. The one thing I can say to people recovering - push on it takes time be tough and push through, don't give up find something every day that makes you smile for just a second and hold on to that. I live my life by these words now: love, smile, trust, respect and educate, and when all is said and done reach out a hand and say thank you. God speed to all in recovery, takes a while

Larry Craig
September 2018

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