Meningitis in your words

Kerry Hunt's story

  • Location: Europe
  • Categories: Group W meningococcal (Men W), Other bacterial meningitis and septicaemia (sepsis) type
  • Age: 60+
  • Outcome: Full recovery
  • After effects: None
Kerry Hunt

Six years ago, I had a cough and cold for a few days but my throat felt sore when I was eating my dinner and I began to feel really unwell. I went to bed early and had terrible nightmares, I knew that a virus was going around and doctors were telling people not to go to the surgery but I felt I should. I rang the doctors and was so lucky that I was given an appointment for that morning. The doctor said I must go to hospital immediately. I was seen quickly and while I was being tested a rash appeared on my chest. I was treated with two types of antibiotics for a pharyngeal abscess.

I was kept in hospital and after a few days someone from the labs appeared and said they were surprised to find that I had meningitis. They said the treatment I had been given was also the correct treatment for the meningitis. My blood sample was sent off and I later found that I had had meningitis. I thank both the doctors and the hospital for their prompt response. I feel very lucky. I worry that people in a similar situation today would not get a doctor's appointment and would urge anyone who feels that something isn't right to go to hospital. I deteriorated pretty quickly in a few hours.

Public health telephoned me in hospital as soon as the meningitis was discovered and asked who I had been in contact with. It was only when a family member was told that they should have a vaccination that they asked which type of meningitis it was. I think public health should inform the patient as I would never have known if the family member hadn't asked. 

Kerry Hunt
October 2023

Get treatment as soon as possible.

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