Meningitis in your words

John Holt's story

  • Categories: Bacterial meningitis
  • Age: Adult 25-59
  • Outcome: Recovery with after effects
  • After effects: Co-ordination problems
John Holt

Coming up to 60 and never previously having been seriously ill, I had bacterial meningitis and sepsis three years ago. At the time, I was unaware of what was happening.

The teams at the hospitals were absolutely fantastic. Not until you start feeling better do you realise what has happened. Bit by bit, you understand what your family have gone through - the not knowing, the several stages of touch and go.

Caught quickly, I am left with a numb right foot, profoundly deaf, unpredictable energy levels, dizziness and can't plan anything. Working and travelling the world as a professional musician for forty years, I've always been very independent - that has all gone.

Being reliant on doctors, family and friends is hard. A lot of what I previously took for granted, particularly when it comes to communication, is now extremely hard work, mentally and physically. Not being able to hear conversation or listen to music is like a loss of another limb. Thank goodness for books!

John Holt
October 2021

Provide a lifeline for those in need
Provide a lifeline for those in need
£6/€7.20/$8 pays for a 30 minute call from a trained support officer.

They listen to the issues faced by someone struggling with the impact of meningitis, and provide detailed information and support.

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Many of the after effects of meningitis aren't immediately obvious. In this blog, Support Manager Cat explains how we can help.
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