Meningitis in your words

Joan Howard's story

  • Location: England
  • Categories: Tuberculosis (TB)
  • Age: Teenager
  • Relationship: Self
  • Outcome: Full recovery
Joan Howard

I would like to tell you about my experience of TB meningitis in 1956, 53 years ago when I was aged 17. 

I was rushed to Farnham County Hospital, Surrey. Fortunately there was a doctor there who had done a course on meningitis. 

"I spent nine months having daily lumbar punctures."

I was given a lumbar puncture, and following that I was taken that day to the Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford for brain surgery, then was transferred to the Opler Pavlion Hospital, Headington where I spent nine months having daily lumbar punctures. 

Thankfully for the quick-thinking of the doctors I have made a full recovery. The only thing I am left with is my balance is not good and I have to wear glasses, but I do feel very lucky to have got over it all those years ago. 

I married in 1960 and have a lovely son of 44 years old. I lost my dear husband five years ago. 

For several years I ran coffee mornings and bingo sessions to raise funds for the Foundation it was my way of thanking everyone who looked after me.

Joan Howard
May 2009

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