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Ilyasse's story

  • Categories: Bacterial meningitis
  • Age: Adult 25-59
  • Outcome: Bereavement

I'm Yassine and This is the story of my brother who died because of meningitis. I telling this story that started on the 15th sep 2016, With a broken heart. My brother ilyasse was just 26 years old then. He's 3 years older then me.

Everything started with him having high temperature and headaches. At first we thought it's just a normal headache or fever. So he just took some headaches pills like doliparne. By that time we didn't know that the meningitis was destroying him from inside.

The next day, an other symptoms showed up, he was saying some non sense things when we talked to him. my mother was taking care of him, till that point we didn't consider that this might be some dangerous medical issue. And also we are the kind of people who doesn't go to the hospital unless it's something really bad happening. So, later that night i return from work and he seemed to be fine a little bit we even talked to him and take him out side near the house!

I remember there was a wedding in the same street of next to our house and there were some friends gathering so he wanted to check them up. So he did. but he could stand for 10 min and he told me that he wanted to go back to his room. The next day. He couldn't reply to our questions. Then we were really worried, so, we decided to take him to a specialist to do a check up. He couldn't move so we took him to the car, then we drove there.

The doctor said there is medical Issue but he doesn't know what the problem was and he advice to be taken immediately to the hospital. We took him to the nearest hospital but they didn't even want to get him in and check him up and they said the hospital is full and also that they don't have the necessary equipments ! I felt like it's a lie. Because i know that the public hospitals in my country are the worst literally. So, we took him to an other Public hospital because we didn't have the enough money to afford a private clinic. Anyway ! When we reach the hospital called IBN TOFAIL that exists in Morocco.

After he was diagnosed they took him to the emergency room. After that my mother stayed at the hospital with him. By that time they put him in a room with an other patient and becomes possible to visit him. I come to visit and get some stuffs for my mother but couldn't bear seeing him with the tube coming from his head with which a liquid was extracted and also the smell of the whole hospital is more than enough to make you feel you want to throw up !! In addition no special care for him or the other patient ! The other family patient had even an argue with the nurse.

After that i return home till i received a phone call from my mother said " son you brother is dead " that was the most confusing, shocking, sad moment i have ever had i even didn't know what to do for a second i was just trying to process what my mother said ! If i heard her right. So, i decided to tell my aunt and grandma. i took a taxi and head to the hospital in my way there these were the longest hours in my life.

That day i hated that hospital and all its employees and i hated myself because i wasn't all the time with my brother i didn't expect he would die from meningitis! So, till this day i hate my country for its bad public hospitals because i know many lives could be saved if we have better equipments and better care which we will never have i guess. I hope one day i can take my little brother and my mother from this country where we could have a better care and life.

Sorry for making this long, as a final Advice like one of the patients in this website said "Go to the doctor at least once in a while, just to check things out. It may save you a tremendous amount of pain and/or your life"

October 2021

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