Meningitis in your words

Frank Abel's story

  • Location: USA
FrankAbel - Meningitis in your words
My story starts 1959 age 5 by meeting an army man on leave. I survived after baptism after Dr told parents I'll be dead by morning. I am 64 now life was OK till age 40 the body breakdown start.

Effected by 7 of 15 problems that can happen. I write today as a fall started addional problems. Now out of hospital I am not the same this time as my independence is in trouble. Dr have taken care of me since 1999 very well. However that ended 2017. Meds gave me a life now those are gone. Leg replacement disabled me. 2005 eyesight  going liver going. Skin, balance. Memory loss slured speech surgeries, arthritis loss of 2 fingers function.

Sometimes my eyes act like a film watching got stuck in frame scarey but what worst is my pain. I moved to oklahoma city oklahoma one last try in my search for my disabilities.

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