Meningitis in your words

Errol Kendall's story

  • Location: Australia
  • Categories: Other bacterial meningitis and septicaemia (sepsis) type
  • Age: Baby 0-1
  • After effects: Learning difficulties, Memory loss, Other, Mental health problems
Errol Kendall
Errol Kendall - Meningitis in your words
I was born in the early fifties, my parents in their 30s and I was their 3rd child and their first born following the Second World War. It appears I had Meningitis within a year of being born but my parents never shared the problems with me. They just loved and cared for me and I have always put my slow learning through my whole life as "depending on others" blaming myself as being spoilt. Just in the last 10 years I have come closer to God and recognised I am worthy like everyone else. Feeling Unworthy has effected all of my life and has been the worst emotional after effect of the Menegitis I had whatever it was.

Slow learning was my big problem and feel if I had it's recognition in education like now , my life would've been better.

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