Meningitis in your words

Cat Shehu's story

  • Location: UK
  • Categories: GBS (Group B streptococcal)
  • Age: Baby 0-1
  • Outcome: Bereavement
Cat Shehu
After successfully delivering 4 babies whilst being GBS positive, I was naive to the possibility that this pregnancy would be any different.

At 24 weeks pregnant with my 5th child, my waters broke spontaneously and I was told that my daughter would be born and wouldnt survive.

The day after I was admitted Meah-Angel arrived and she was beautiful. She passed after one hour of being alive. 

I was cared for so well by the wonderful midwives and medical team who were so caring and delicate but very practical, and after spending a night with Meah we left the hospital without our baby.

I was lucky enough to fall pregnant again the same year, and our rainbow baby Dolcie was born, now 13 years old after a high risk pregnancy and wonderful consultant led midwifery care.

As a family, we always remember Meah on 4th February each year and light a candle in her memory.  
GBS is a serious disease that can afffect pregnancies, and although a vaccine and routine testing will not have changed my outcome, it could change it for many pregnant women and families expecting little ones. 

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