Meningitis in your words

Arthur Blake's story

  • Location: England
  • Categories: MRF - Disease
  • Age: Baby 0-1
  • Relationship: Parent
  • Outcome: Full recovery
Arthur Blake

After what seemed a very healthy pregnancy throughout 2015 - with a due date mid Sept 2015 - I attended clinic in hospital after feeling unwell. I was a heavily pregnant toddler mum, who was going about my normal day to day when I thought I best drop a message to my midwife as I just didn't feel right.

Upon arrival at hospital I was starting to feel a lot worse but could not describe how exactly I felt. I was hooked up to wires and machines and then upon noting the nurses react after taking my temperature; in walked a consultant with a plan. My temp was well above 40 and he advised me I was very unwell and needed immediate delivery of my baby - 5 weeks early. 

The next thing I know I am gowned up - my husband is advised he is not allowed to come to surgery as they would be putting me under a general anaesthetic; I'm signing forms, reading paperwork and trying to come to terms with how this snowball had taken hold.

After surgery I am woken and my baby is not with me; he was taken to neonatal care where he stayed for 7 days. It became apparent I had contracted sepsis and in turn Arthur had too. Along with numerous respiratory failures he fought through the sepsis making a full strong recovery. 

"So many fights and so many diseases"

We were discharged from neonatal care and in the post-natal ward to try and get him to gain weight and bulk a little before we could leave. Arthur’s weight started to drop considerably and I happened to mention that he was very quiet and vacant. He only fed when he was roused and he was happy to just sleep - looking peaceful whilst doing so. Little did we know he was again very unwell and had contracted meningitis. Doctors had received blood tests back and were not happy with the cell markers, they sent my little 5lb baby for a lumbar puncture. So much was going on - I won't lie I did not have a clue what all this meant, how, what, why etc. Results came back and it was confirmed Arthur had contracted meningitis and was to be treated immediately. 
We spent a further 2.5 weeks in hospital where he was put in isolation and treated. He underwent constant tests, numerous checks and countless lines and drips. It all seemed so fast, so heavy and so, so much to take in! Not only was I getting over sepsis, an emergency c section; my premature bundle had been hit hard with so many hurdles; so many fights and so many diseases and after nearly a month of staying in hospital we were able to return home to my husband and my toddler - Arthur’s dad and Arthur’s best friend and brother.

Since our discharge Arthur has had several follow up appointments and it's safe to say he really is our hero! So far so good our King Arthur, a true little fighter and warrior!

I have attached several pictures of our story and we have celebrated Arthur’s 1st birthday- 3rd of August- as a family!

From the beginning I knew so little about the two diseases - now I feel like I could write a book! I feel the general public lack awareness of such illnesses and therefore wish to contribute to the research.

MRF have recently accepted me as part of your running team for the Bournemouth Half marathon, so here's to me doing my bit for the fight against meningitis and septicaemial