World Immunisation Week 2022: using vaccines in the fight to defeat meningitis

April 2022

Today is the launch of World Immunisation Week 2022!

Led by the World Health Organization, the week runs from the 24 to 30 April. This year’s theme is a Long Life for All, so we are taking time to reflect on the week and the role it plays in educating and informing people about vaccines.

What is World Immunisation Week and why is it important?

Millions of lives are saved every year by vaccines. For decades they have been offering life-saving protection against a range of potentially fatal or life-changing illnesses. Yet, despite their proven success as an effective public health intervention, vaccine uptake has stalled in recent years.

Figures from the World Health Organization show, that the impact of the pandemic has meant that a staggering 23 million children went unvaccinated in 2020 – 3.7 million more than the previous year.

World Immunisation Week aims to raise awareness of the effectiveness of vaccinations and to encourage everyone to protect themselves in the fight against disease.

2.5 million people are affected by meningitis every year.

How are vaccines helping us in the fight to defeat meningitis?

2.5 million people are affected by meningitis every year.

Meningitis can affect anyone, anywhere at any time. It’s fast acting and can spread rapidly. Immunisation is the only way to prevent and protect yourself and those you care about. After decades of research, life-changing discoveries have been made and, together with ongoing surveillance, vaccines have helped to save millions of lives.

How is Meningitis Research Foundation supporting World Immunisation Week?

To mark the week, we are taking some time to share the impact meningitis vaccines have had in creating the chance of a longer life for everyone.

So why not head over to our vaccination information pages? Here you can build your understanding of how to protect against the most common causes of meningitis and the types of vaccines available.

Why not put your mind at rest and check your family’s vaccines are up to date? Our “What meningitis vaccine and when” guide breaks down the different types of vaccines available and the age they are offered as part of the routine vaccination schedule in England. You can also find out how to check routine immunisation schedules for other parts of the world.

While you’re there, maybe take some time to explore our timeline: “A shot at a long life: how meningitis vaccines save lives”. Here you can find out more about the landmark moments in the UK immunisation schedule, including when vaccines were introduced and the vital role they have played in the prevention and control of the disease.

Still unsure where to start? How about our blog post on three ways meningitis vaccines have changed the course of history. Or why not find out everything you need to know about meningitis immunisations on our vaccine information page.

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