The 100 mile month: introducing our Support and Membership Manager’s February challenge

February 2022

I’m Cat Shehu and I’ve worked at the Meningitis Research Foundation for the last three years, as Support and Membership Manager. My role is something that is very close to my heart and the wonderful people I am lucky enough to meet, support and mentor through our Ambassadors and Befriending programs makes me realise every day how privileged I am to be in my position.

Cat Shehu - Membership Manager’s February challenge

Taking care of me

Separately last year, as I edged towards 45, I decided that I needed to start taking care of my health. This isn’t easy. I have always loved food, and yo-yo dieted for many years since my teens. I come from a family of ‘bigger’ people and have tried hard to instil healthy food choices and portion control in my own children … but why not myself?

I needed to change my relationship with food and how important it was to me. This wasn’t easy, after turning to food in a crisis, or out of boredom, in the same way for a very long time. However, I knew that it was important to have a healthier future. So, I’ve kept in focus that I want a long and healthy life, to see my children turn in to parents themselves, and to enjoy having grandchildren.

I started to lose weight and become more active, becoming healthier and not just lighter. I now walk every day with my dogs, Reggie and Heidi, alongside Gym classes four times a week.

Pushing myself further

However, I also wanted to push myself further and had an idea that I would like to raise funds for this wonderful organisation that helps so many people, whilst combining walking, running and cycling.

So, I set myself a challenge of 100 miles travelled in February, equivalent to going from Bristol to Southampton.

100 miles in a month

I have been walking, trekking, and spinning my way through these miles every day. The fresh air and countryside keeps me well, healthy and hugely happy, and the spin classes make me feel part of a team. Even if it rains, I head to the running machine and complete my miles that way. My dogs have also never been fitter.

I am completely overwhelmed by the support and generosity of people supporting the Meningitis Research Foundation and me in my challenge. The donations continue to rise, and as I write this I have raised just under £400.

Does my body ache after spin cycling 10 miles this morning? Yes … but does it make me feel happy, healthy and give me a huge sense of achievement that I am pushing myself and supporting this wonderful charity? Also, a huge yes! If you would like to support my challenge please donate whatever you can.

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About the author

Cat Shehu
Support and Membership Manager
My name is Cat and I manage the Support and Membership services at Meningitis Research Foundation. My professional background involves Complex mental health, Safeguarding and providing a safe and consistent Support service to anyone who needs to access it. I am immensely proud of the support that we have delivered to so many people over the last 30 years. I am very lucky to meet some amazing members, ambassadors and people who reach out to our expertise in this awful disease and my passion is to continue to make knowledgeable, inclusive support available to anyone who needs it. Outside of MRF I am a mum, and I love to travel and explore new countries. If you have any questions or need support please contact me.
Tel: 0333 405 6267