Our work in Malawi
Start Date
16 Aug 2017
We launched Aspire in Malawi because research we funded showed meningitis in Malawi is particularly lethal, and that Malawians often delay seeking medical help until it is too late. This means that meningitis and other severe bacterial infections are needlessly killing and seriously disabling a high number of Malawian children every year.

This is our first ever health intervention and it pioneers the use of mobile phones in eight health clinics to provide the rapid triaging of patients. This ensures:
  • Seriously ill children get help fast
  • Meningitis is identified and not misdiagnosed for malaria or milder illnesses
  • Vital data on serious illness is secured for future work and to show the system is working.

Aspire also raises awareness of this hidden disease among the public and health professionals by:
  • Training health workers in recognising serious illness
  • Informing the public through special radio health programming and mobile theatre
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