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Meningitis Research Foundation welcomes you to the section of our site giving written and audio information in twenty two languages (including English) about how to recognise the symptoms of meningitis and septicaemia and the importance of protecting children against these diseases by getting them immunised.

Please note that Albanian is understood by Kosovans, twenty-five per cent of Macedonians and some Montenegrins.

The Foundation's copyright policy can be viewed by clicking the terms and conditions link below. Written permission does not need to be obtained from the charity to print, download or distribute the languages listed, but these pages remain the copyright of Meningitis Research Foundation, who should always be acknowledged.

If you have difficulty accessing the written versions, do call us on 01454 281811 or email info@meningitis.org and we will be happy to send you printed copies.

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pdf icon Polish written Sound icon Polish audio
pdf icon Portuguese written Sound icon Portuguese audio
pdf icon Punjabi written Sound icon Punjabi audio
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An interpretation service is available in 150 languages through our helpline.

Translation and foreign language typesetting by K International plc .

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Mikey Ellis Walsh
Group B Strep meningitis
Group B Strep meningitis at 3 days

We still don’t know how Mikey’s future will be affected

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